$35 Insulin Cap

Bill aimed at reducing the extortionate costs Americans pay for Insulin fails

## US Diabetes Rates 2021 vs. Senate Votes by StateThe cost of insulin in the US averages almost $100 ($98.7) compared to $14 or less in most countries. Over 30 million Americans have diabetes and over 7 million require insulin to manage their blood sugar. According to a [Yale Study](https://news.yale.edu/2022/07/05/insulin-extreme-financial-burden-over-14-americans-who-use-it) purchasing insulin causes an extreme financial burden on 14% of Americans who need it with them spending over 40% of their disposable income on this life saving drug. Despite this, 43 Republicans Senators voted down on Sunday a proposal to cap the cost of insulin at $35 dollars. A $35 cap for Medicare patients remains but there is no price relief for uninsured Americans or those purchasing through insurance. Notable and not unsurprising Republican Senators voting no came from states with some of the highest diabetes mortality rates including West Virginia, Arkansas and Mississippi. Republican Senators from Oklahoma and Louisiana did vote yes showing it is possible for Senators to vote in the best interest of their people.